The ClassNinjas team: the people behind the math learning app for Android and iOS

Learning math can be so much fun

ClassNinjas accompanies you in your mathematical school life with cool videos and exciting exercises. To test your math knowledge, there is an exam or homework at the end of each chapter – it's helpful, but also really entertaining! So you'll not only get better grades, but also have fun learning math!

How it all began...

Karim had the first idea for an entertaining learning platform already in 2010, but in life things often turn out differently and so ClassNinjas only saw the light of day in December 2017. The team invested more than a year of time, effort and nerves in the first videos, the development of the web platform and the creation of the social media channels.

...and where we are now.

In spring 2018, we launched a first test run and reached more than 10,000 students within a few weeks. At the same time, we optimised our Instagram and TikTok profiles, which now attract thousands of young people to learn math with us. In early 2020 we launched our first mobile apps for Android and iOS covering math for the 5th to 8th grade – and this is just the beginning! Soon we will be available in the UK and open up the app to more English speaking markets.

Our values

Your success comes first
Math is more than just an examination subject
Learning is fun

At ClassNinjas we strive to improve your grades and math comprehension day after day. If we notice that our offer is not sufficient, we will recommend alternatives. For us, only your success counts, whether with or without us.

We know from personal experience how tedious mathematics can be at school. With our videos we show you what a big role math plays in your everyday life and why it is about much more than just a positive grade.

Being young is already stressful enough, school does not have to contribute to it. We use our Instagram profile to make learning as fun and entertaining as possible. We always stay positive and motivating in our exercises and tests. Only in this way can learning be fun!

The team


Writes scripts for our videos and coordinates all school content

ClassNinjas Team: Almedina


Manages the team as a good soul and always puts a smile on everyone's face

ClassNinjas Team: Designer Álvaro


Provides fun graphics, entertaining animations and cool videos

ClassNinjas Team: Mathematik-Consultant Amira


Our math genius thinks up exciting tasks and solutions

ClassNinjas Team: Content Producer Basma


Thinks about creative exercises and masters our CMS like nobody else

ClassNinjas Team: Social Media Expert Sarra


The Queen of Hashtags is the heart and brain of our Instagram profile

ClassNinjas Team: Drehbuchautorin Gönül


Uses her creative pen to write great scripts for our videos

ClassNinjas Team: Social Media Manager Hatice


Sits on the TikTok throne and rules the short video world like nobody else

ClassNinjas Team: Development Lead Jesús


Builds the technical framework with his team and holds it together


Holds all threads together and tries to make all of our Ninjas happy


Awakens our Ninja as the voice over artist of our videos


When she is not inspiring her school class, she writes great scripts for our videos

ClassNinjas Team: Content Producer Süreyya


Swings the crayon better than Michelangelo and produces the coolest vlogs ever


Provides the right sound of our videos with his artistic talent